Little Church, Keystone

Little Church@Keystone

The Little Church at Keystone is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


Built in a pioneer town that was too small for two churches, the Catholic/Protestant LIttle Church is a monument to religious harmony and cooperation.  Under the sponsorship of Georgia Paxton, wife of prominent rancher and businessman William A. Paxton, eleven young teenage girls formed a chapter of the service organization the King’s Daughters.

The girls raised the money to build the church by holding bake sales, suppers and bazaars, and asking their neighbors for donations.

Completed in 1908, the LIttle Church has a Catholic altar at one end, and Protestant altar at the other.  Special pews with reversible backs allowed churchgoers to face either altar, depending on the service.  The last regular services were held in 1949, but the Little Church is open to summer visitors by appointment.  Please call 308-726-2006 or 308-726-2482.